Welcome to Antardhwani Society


In the year 1991, the meeting of some musically minded persons led to small sittings as “Listening Sessions” of recorded Classical music at Rajapur Kothi, in Lakhimpur Kheri. These sessions were, in no time, upgraded to “Live Sessions” as most of the attendees were non Professional music artists in their own right. Rajapur Kothi, the residence of the founder of the society to be, gradually became a centre for classical music and coming together of many local artists, young and old. What started as a recreational routine on Saturday evenings, became a promotional endeavor for all musical talents of the town. Small sittings grew into programs and then on to become ‘Live Concerts’. Such sittings were organized once a month, programs once every three months while the concerts once (or sometimes twice) a year. To make our efforts more meaningful, a society by the name of “Dr. Jaidev Singh Memorial Sangeet Samiti” was formed. However, in 1999, it was renamed "ANTARDHWANI" and was registered with the Registrar of Societies.

ANTARDHWANI society has been quite successful in bringing to the forefront, some highly talented but lesser known artists of not only Uttar Pradesh but from elsewhere too, by providing them a stage and an audience of about 200 – 250 in this small town. It continues to locate such talents, young & old, and try to promote them as much as possible.