1. In the last 29 year of its existence, ANTARDHWANI has organized 16 concerts & more than 40 small Classical / Ghazal Programmes.

2. It has highlighted the importance of Ragas for different seasons by organizing the Malhaar Utsav, Basant Utsav, Hemant Utsav & Sharad Utsav. Instrumental & Vocal artists performed in particular Raga only (as per the season). Various “Angs” of the Raga are taken up by different performers.

3. Two spiritual discourses of 5 days each have been organized in association with the Chinmaya Mission.

4. Local artists, young & old, perform before a select gathering to show and share their talent, once every 3 months, on an almost regular basis.

5. The society has promoted several young Ghazal singers by providing all help & assistance to enhance their talent to reach higher level of performance.

6. The society has also sponsored the formal training in Ghazal gayaki, of two young singers, by renowned Ghazal artists of AIR.

7. The society has provided a stage & an audience to such people who have been pursuing music as a hobby only, resulting in an overwhelming sense of emotion for the artist.

8. The society honors one senior artist at its annual concert.

9. Several programs have been organized where all music teachers / gurus / students come together on one single stage and showcase their artistry in an informal atmosphere.

10. The society has been organizing Classical Music Competition for children in collaboration with the U P Sangeet Natak Academy every year since 2004.

11. The performance of several senior Professors / artists of Bhatkhande University and UP Sangeet Natak Academy has been presented by the society at Lakhimpur. Reputed artists from Varanasi, Dehradun and Faizabad have also given performances from time to time.